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The place for Michigan Odonata


After 20 years, we have amassed over 29,000 geo-referenced specimen records. Our mapping of the specimens will be greatly improved, and we hope to have interactive maps available from this site via Google Maps. We have changed a few things as you can see here, as our site has been migrated toa new server. In addition, the outcome of the MOS data collection is the Michigan Odonata Atlas (MOA), which is being written by Mark O'Brien, Julie Craves and Darrin O'Brien. We have simplified the MOS pages to reflect our current activity and simple access to information, Old, out-dated images and links have been removed.

The new site will be improved during 2017. If you have any questions about the content, you can hit the email button on the bottom of the page. The keys to the nymphs are being restored, and full content is now available.

Check out the amazing Dragonflies group on Flickr, with thousands of Odonata images!



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Recent Publications of Interest

Ware, J.L., E. Pilgrim, M.L. May, T.W. Donnelly, and K. Tennessen. 2016. Phylogenetic relationships of North American Gomphidae and their close relatives. Systematic Entomology DOI:10.1111/syen.12218.

Smith, W.A. and K.T. Tennessen. 2016. Description of the nymph of Ophiogomphus smithi (Odonata: Gomphidae), with a key to the species of Ophiogomphus in the Western Great Lakes region. The Great Lakes Entomologist 49(1-2):78-97.

O'Brien, M.F., J.A. Craves & D.S. O'Brien. 2016. Great Spreadwing (Archilestes grandis) in Michigan: More evidence for the potential role of restoration projects in range expansions. Argia 28(1):5-7.




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