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Welcome to the MOS!

The place for Michigan Odonata

The Michigan Odonata Survey was started in 1997. After nearly 20 years, we have amassed over 28,000 specimen records, which are now geo-referenced. We have changed a few things as you can see here, as our site has been migrated toa new server. In addition, the outcome of the MOS data collection is the Michigan Odonata Atlas (MOA), which is being written by Mark O'Brien, Julie Craves and Darrin O'Brien. We have simplified the MOS pages to reflect our current activity and simple access to information, Old, out-dated images and links have been removed.

Check out the amazing Dragonflies group on Flickr, with thousands of Odonata images!

Additional Resources are here: Michigan Odonata Atlas Downloads

12/11/2015 Update - our site is on a new hosting service, and we will be connecting to a new Filemaker dataserver ASAP. Until then, you will not have access to the MOS database.

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Odonata Blogs

Blogging has not escaped our attention. What better way to keep people informed of what's going on. It also affords us to have our own personalized view of the world available to others.

Two blogs of immediate interest to MOS mebers - Michigan Odonotes

and Urban Dragon Hunters


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