Amphiagrion Selys, 1876
Amphiagrion saucium (Burmeister, 1839) - Red Damsel

mating Amphiagrion saucium

mating pair of Amphiagrion saucium, photo by Darrin O'Brien

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Page last updated: 01/26/2017

Notes on Amphiagrion saucium in Michigan

One species of this Nearctic genus - Amphiagrion saucium - is found in Michigan (Map 1).

Map 1: Distribution of Amphiagrion saucium in Michigan, based on MOS data.
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Walker (1953) lovingly described these larvae as "a small dumpy short-legged nymph of nearly uniform olivaceous colour and with angular postocular lobes" (p. 163). Specimens are found in small pockets of water in spring bogs and small running streams, a habitat that Walker earlier recognized as being deleteriously impacted by human activities that lower water tables. Populations tend to be localized due to narrow habitat preferences, but is widely distributed in North America. Adults emerge in early June and adults can be caught through July.

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