Basiaeschna Selys, 1883
Basiaeschna janata
Say, 1839 - Springtime Darner

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Notes on larval Basiaeschna janata in Michigan

A montypic genus, Basiaeschna janata ranges over a wide range in North America and is encountered throughout Michigan.

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Larvae of Basiaeschna are similar in appearance and habits to Boyeria but are differentiated by longer paraprocts, pointed palpal lobes, and earlier adult emergence. Walker's (1958) description of this species' habitat preferences appears well-supported by larval collection in Michigan. They are frequently collected on the undersides of stones and water-logged woody material in slower-moving parts of forest stream riffles, but are more frequently collected in sheltered parts of well-oxygenated lakes. For emergence (mid-May through mid-June), larvae can climb on vegetation, stumps and man-made objects almost 2 m in height in order to emerge. Larval collection in Marquette Co. appear to indicate two size classes, indicating a two-year developmental period before adult emergence (EB, pers. obs.).


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