Pachydiplax Brauer, 1868 - Dashers
Pachydiplax longipennis (Burmeister, 1839) - Blue Dasher

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Notes on Pachydiplax longipennis in Michigan

Pachyiplax longipennis (Fig. 1, above) is widely distributed in North America, and the species reaches Michigan in the northernmost part of its range. Though no records are known from the UP, species is found throughout the southern LP (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2: County records of P. longipennis in Michigan
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The larval body is smooth, their broad head distinctly characterized with a prominent dark ridge running mesad from the mesoposterior part of the eye, and prominent lateral spines on the abdomen (Walker and Corbet 1975).

Larvae are found in lakes and ponds as well as in slow sections and backwater areas of streams. Bick (1950) in Mississippi collected larvae from standing water with a mud bottom, in ponds, borrow pits or creek pot holes. Musser (1962) collected larvae in Utah from aquatic vegetation along the edge of a spring-formed pond. Larvae emerge from late May through probably July. Populations in Michigan are probably univoltine, as Paulson and Jenner (1971) found overwintering larvae in North Carolina, but populations probably have overlapping generations further south in its range (Penn 1951).

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