The Michigan Odonata Survey (MOS) is dedicated to providinga better understanding of the distribution, biology, and taxonomyof the Michigan Odonata fauna. To this end, MOS participants willbe collecting in a wide variety of habitats all across the stateof Michigan. Collected specimens are required to voucher the presenceof a species at a particular locale, and the collection may compriseadults, larvae, exuviae, or all three stages. Collection of specimensforms the basis of a permanent record of the fauna at a particularplace and time. The specimens and their associated data can thenbe checked later for authentication or verification. They alsomay be useful to any future taxonomic studies. Therefore, collectionof Odonata specimens is a very important aspect of the survey.

MOS collectors are urged to collect no more specimens thannecessary to document a species in a given area, with the exceptionof exuviae. However, due to the number of similar-looking species,certain genera such as Somatochlora, Gomphus, Aeshna, Argia,Enallgma, and Sympetrum may require more extensivesampling. Species that are quite obvious such as Calopteryxmaculata, require only a single specimen from a locality.The collection of adults and larvae should be limited to representativesampling, not depleting the population at the area being surveyed.Sight records, especially photographs or video, may be acceptablefor certain species that are readily and unquestionably identifiablein the field by trained, reliable observers. Obviously, a majorityof the species of Odonata require more careful examination, necessitatingcollecting.

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