Cordulia Leach,1815(Corduliidae) - American Emerald
Cordulia shurtleffi Scudder, 1866 - American Emerald

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Notes onCordulia shurtleffi in Michigan

The one species of the genus found in NorthAmerica - Corduliashurtleffi - is widespread in our area(Map 1, below).

Map 1: County distribution ofCorduliashurtleffi in Michigan
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Fairly hairy, robust nymph are distinguished bytheir distinct brown lateral thoracic stripe and lack of mid-dorsalabdominal hooks. Walker and Corbet(1975) indicate that this fairly commonspecies prefers sphagnum bogs and ponds, and larvae appears to beable to tolerate poorly oxygenated, stagnant waters. Emergence inMichigan is fairly early, from the beginning of May into June.

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