Ladona Needham, 1897 (Libellulidae) -Corporals
LadonajuliaUhler,1857 - Chalk-frontedCorporal

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Notes on theMichigan Species of Ladona

Of the three species found in North America,only Ladona julia reaches our area and is widespread in Michigan (Map 1).More prevalent in the north, this species reaches its southerndistribution in the southern portion of our state and northernOhio.

Map 1: County distribution ofLadona (=Libellula)julia in Michigan
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Larvae are benthic sprawlers found within fine,loose organic matter near or among aquatic vegetation of bog pondsand swampy bays, sometimes also in slow sections of streams or theiroutlets into ponds or lakes . Larvae are found in waters of varyingacidity. I (EB) have collected larvae from such substrates in watersthat were slightly alkaline (pH 7-8) from a lake in Washtenaw Co., ins. LP, and from a pond that was slightly acid (< 7) in the HuronMountains, Marquette Co., UP. Walker and Corbet(1975) note this species as prolific inacidic waters of the Canadian Shield. Two greatly different sizeclasses were collected by Ed Kormondy on 23 August 1953 from Mud Lakein Presque Isle Co., perhaps suggesting two different breedingpopulations or a semi-voltine emergence pattern for this species inMichigan. Larval emergence is generally through June. Larvae mayemerge locally in large numbers - hundreds of adult males were seenseen by Mike Kielb, Mark O'Brien and myself near Ives Lake in theHuron Mountains in Marquette Co. on 25 June 1996.

Closely related to Libellula andPlathemis, some authorities have retained Ladona withinLibellula(see Libellula page). Larvae ofL. julia are distinctive from other Libellula larvae by thecurved, crenated premental front margin with small setae withincrenation notches (Fig. 1), and from both Libellula andPlathemisby the small number (3) of premental setae.


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