Nasiaeschna Selys, 1900 (Aeshnidae)
Nasiaeschna pentacantha (Rambur, 1842) - Cyrano Darner

Notes - References
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Page last updated: 03August 1998 (EB)

Notes onNasiaeschna pentacantha in Michigan

A monotypic genus, N. pentacantha appears tobe rare in Michigan. Until 1997, the only record from Michigan was anadult from Ingham County that lacked locality and collectorinformation (Michigan State University collection, in Kormondy 1958). However, I (EB) recently (February 1997) identified alarval specimen from Newaygo County collected by the UMMZ-FishDivision in 1926, which had been placed in unsorted storage. Thisrepresents the first definite record for a breeding population in thestate. Since then, several new adult records for the LP have beenreported (Mark O'Brien, pers. comm.) (Map 1).

Map 1: County distribution ofNasiaeschnapentacantha in Michigan
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Mature Nasieaschna larvae arelarge, mophologically distinctive aeshnids. They are heavily-built, abrown to blackish animal, with the head wide in front and posteriorlynarrowed, and with low but distinctive tubercles behind each eye.Seen laterally, the head slopes ventrocaudad. Femora are flattenedand, like the tibia, marked with two narrow whitish cross-bars. Theabdomen has steep sloping sides and a distinctive mid-dorsal ridgeadorned with prominent, blunt dorsal hooks.

Larvae appear to frequent edges of forestedstreams, widened stream sections forming lentic-like conditions, andsheltered lake bays with stream in-flows, where larvae cling to woodydebris and leafy detrital substrates (Needham and Westfall1955,Walker1958). Based on records from Indiana(Montgomery1947) and Canada (Walker 1958), emergence probably occurs in the second half ofJune.


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