Perithemis Hagen,1861(Libellulidae) - Amberwings
Perithemis tenera (Say,1839) - Eastern Amberwing

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Notes onPerithemis tenera in Michigan

Of the eleven species of this primarilyneotropical genus, one widely ranging species - P. tenera - is found herein Michigan. Most records are from the southern LP, but one record isfrom Chippewa Co., UP (Map 1).

Map 1: County distribution ofPerithemistenera in Michigan
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These small, stocky larvae are found in pondsand slow-moving or quiet sections of streams (Walker and Corbet1975). Morphologically, they appearalmost as corduliids, with a prominent, broad abdomen with middorsalspines on Ab9 and the distal margin of the palpal crenate. Larvae areprobably univoltine, and emergence in Michigan probably occurs duringJune and early July. Little is known about this species' larvalecology or biology.

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