StylogomphusFraser, 1922 - Least clubtail
Stylogomphus albistylus(Hagen in Selys,1878) - Least Clubtail

Fig. 1:S.albistyluslarva collected from Mountain Stream,
Marquette Co., Michigan, USA, on 30 June 1996 by Bright, O'Brien andKielb
UMMZ Collection

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Notes on Stylogomphusalbistylus in Michigan

Until recently, Stylogomphus albistylushas been known from only one locality in the northern part of theLower Peninsula (Leonard 1940). Recently, several large populations of both adultsand larvae have been found in the Upper Peninsula (Yanoviak 1993, Kielb et al.1996, Bright 1997), and S.albistylus undoubtedly is morewidespread there based on its frequency in northern Wisconsin(Hilsenhoff1995) (see Map 1). Several adult andlarval specimens have come from streams in the northern LowerPeninsula, and there is also one unverified larval record fromOakland County (Bidlack, pers. comm.).

Map 1: County distribution ofStylogomphus albistylus
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Stylogomphus larvae (Fig. 1, above) are distinctive from our othergomphids by its small size and spatulate-shaped third antennalsegment with the inner margin straight (Hagenius larvae areconsiderably larger, with very flat abdomens and large tubercles onthe head; Lanthus is not found in Michigan). Larvae apparently preferrocky, clean streams with considerable gradient. Based on the rangeof larval sizes from samples collected from Marquette Co. in 1996(< 3 mm to 19.3 mm), this species appears to require more than oneyear to complete its larval stage in this part of its range.Emergence in this part of its range occurs in late June during latemorning and early afternoon, with larvae crawling from a well-shadedstream upon rocks and stream-side plants, with adults soon (within 15minutes) thereafter emerging (Kielb et al.1996, Bright 1997).

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