C.V. for Ethan Bright (Updated 01 September 1998)
2100 Independence Blvd.
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104-6439 USA
Telephone: (734) 741-1752
Work: ethanbr@insects.ummz.lsa.umich.edu
Home: ethanbr@ix.netcom.com


Currently I am employed by the Museum of Zoology-Insect Division,The University of Michigan, as a curatorial assistant. I will alsobegin (September 1998) a Ph.D. program with Dr. Michael Wiley at UM'sSchool of Natural Resources and Environment, researching thesystematics, biogeography and ecology of chironomids in freshwaterecosystems. Current research involves studying the larval biology,ecology and distribution of Odonata and Trichoptera in Michigan, partof a larger effort by scientists and volunteers to increase ourknowledge about this insect group in the Great Lakes.


The University of Michigan, School of Natural Resources andEnvironment - Ann Arbor, Michigan. MS Degree, December 1995,Conservation Biology, Resource Ecology and Management. Area ofStudy: Aquatic Ecology. MS thesis research focused on land useinfluences on water quality and their effects on structuringmacroinvertebrate communities throughout a Midwestern watershed. Thisresearch required water chemistry analysis (total suspended solids,turbidity, conductivity, nutrients, etc.), identification of aquaticinvertebrates and fish both in the field and in the laboratory usingappropriate taxonomic keys, and surveying and mapping terrestrialvegetation utilizing both on-site cruising techniques as well asremote sensing tools.

James Madison College, Michigan State University - EastLansing, Michigan. BA Degree, June 1983. Dual Major: InternationalRelations and Socioeconomics.



Aquatic Insect Taxonomist - Insect Division, Museum ofZoology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. January1996 to present.

· identification of the aquatic insect collection to lowesttaxonomic level, and the organization of larval odonate collection tolatest curatorial standards

· create an interactive web-based key to the larval Odonataof Michigan for the Michigan Odonata Survey UM-Dearborn, Dearborn,Michigan. In progress (see below)

· consultant for water quality remediation project for theRouge River watershed under the direction of Dr. Kent Murray


Pollution Prevention Consultant - Masco Corporation,Environmental Affairs Department, Taylor, Michigan, USA. June toSeptember 1993 (Internship).

· investigated and analyzed progress of pollution preventionprogram implementation at four divisions, with recommendations forimproving program performance

· analyzed efficiency and cost-effectiveness of non-hazardouswaste disposal practices for all divisions located in Michigan



North American Benthological Society
Freshwater Biological Association
Michigan Entomological Society
Michigan Odonata Survey


· 1995. Contributing author: W.B. Stapp and M. K. Mitchell.Field manual for global low-cost water quality monitoring.Thomson-Shore, Inc.: Dexter, Michigan. 334 p.

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· 1997. New larval Odonata records for Michigan. Williamsonia1(2):10.

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· 1998 [in prep.] Bright, E. and J. D. Allan. Relationshipsbetween land use and water quality parameters during lowflow andstormflow conditions in the River Raisin watershed, southeasternMichigan, USA. Tentative journal of submission: Journal of Soil andWater Management.

· 1998 [in prep]. Kielb, M. A., E. Bright, and M. F. O'Brien.Dragonflies of the states and provinces of the Great Lakes: keys andbiological notes. Tentative book publisher: The University ofMichigan Press.

· 1998 [in prep]. Bright, E., and P. Hudson. An updatedannotated list of the Trichoptera of Michigan. Tentative journal ofsubmission: The Great Lakes Entomologist.


· 1998 [in progress]. Bright, E., and M. F. O'Brien. Odonatalarvae of Michigan: keys for, and notes on, the dragon- and damselflylarvae of Michigan. WWW address:http://insects.ummz.lsa.umich.edu/michodo/test/home.htm

LANGUAGE SKILLS: Excellent proficiency in German, workingknowledge of French.