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Purpose: The purpose of the MOS is to:

The MOS is a volunteer effort, coordinated by Mark F. O'Brien. Participants can add to the effort by:

exuviaeDeposition of Vouchers: Collectors are encouraged to deposit voucher specimens from their collecting efforts into the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology. The UMMZ has one of the largest and most extensive collections of Odonata in North America, and with its associated library, is a center for odonatological research.

2017 Update:  Julie Craves and Mark O'Brien are working on the Michigan Odonata Altas, which is based upon the data from the MOS database.  With 30,000 records, it's a LOT of data.  As you can see from the new maps, each record has been geo-referenced (largely by Darrin O'Brien), and the information is far more useful than just a county record map.   As far as new data goes, of course, we welcome any new records, especially from areas that are not well explored for Odonata.

For information on how to participate in the Michigan Odonata Survey, please contact Mark O'Brien by email.
Mark F. O'Brien (734-647-2199 )
Museum of Zoology
University of Michigan
Research Museum Center
3600 Varsity Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

last updated 01/28/2017