Odonata Glass Wing-Mounts at the UMMZ


In the earlier days, many Odonatologists prepared wings forstudy by securely mounting a set of wings between two sheets ofthin glass with the edges sealed with black paper tape. We havea number of these prepared by E.B. Williamson, and a lesser numberfrom C.H. Kennedy. Although they are not used much, they may stillconstitute a useful resource. The specimens listed below are storedwith our main collection, but are kept seperate from the adultsstored in envelopes.

  anexample of one of the mounts made by Williamson

A few of the species listed below have been illustrated viaa color flat-bed scanner, and if you feel it would be worthwhilefor me to scan in a member of each genus in for web access,please let me know. Icould certainly scan them more quickly via grayscale, but thecolor patterns would be lost for many of the species.

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